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Welcome to AL-ZARAUN Seeds PVT. LTD where you can reach your dreams. It is one of the best and well known organizations which have a lot of opportunities and research departments. Due to its unique grading, AL ZARAUN PVT. LTD has a very high standard quality of seeds in the marketplace. As a result, one of the most essential characteristic associations with the AL-ZARAUN brand has an excellent rating. Because of its massive, self-infrastructure body that owns  farming, professional operation team and seed marketing capabilities arises as a result of the industry’s high investments and asset value.

Aims & Objectives

AL ZARAUN’s objectives are to produce, multiply, acquiring, approach and distribute high-quality seed of different crop for transfer to farming community. The company preserves seed production and teaches enrolled farmers on how to produce high-quality approved seeds. The Company includes farmers with the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques, encourage better market share between seed producers and create its own marketing strategy. The company also intends to have its engineering staff educated by the federal seed certification and registration department offering site facilities to farmers in order to increase agricultural seed yields.

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